Easy as 1-2-3

A-B-C…easy as 1-2-3! This workout is simple in structure and might seem easy at first, but it gets progressively more difficult as you get into it. A) Start by running for 1:00 at an easy pace/jog, then push yourself for 1:00 @ a 5k pace effort. B) Recovery jog for 2:00, then you’re on for 2:00. C) Recovery jog for 3:00, then push yourself for 3:00.

After C), start back at A) right away. This is the point where the workout gets more difficult as you only get a 1:00 recovery after your 3:00 push. My suggestion (or challenge) is to make it through A-B-C at least twice before taking a longer rest. Rolling right into the next set challenges your recovery ability, which is an important element to work on.

On a side note, you can do this workout with a variety of paces and have it be effective. Above, I suggested a 5k pace for each Hard effort, but a 10k effort might be enough of a challenge as well. Don’t worry too much about pace, but make sure you push yourself enough on the Hard segments so you challenge your recovery ability enough.

Lastly, the structure of this workout can be implemented into the middle of a medium-size run as well if you’re looking to mix it up. If you go this route, I suggest easing into a comfortable pace, working through the A-B-C, and then finish by settling back into a comfortable training pace.

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