Track- Mt. Elbert

Climb to the summit of Mt. Elbert! Well, sort of. The intervals add up to 4,400 meters, which is about the elevation of Mt. Elbert. It won’t be quite as scenic around the track, but a Flat Elbert summit is a great workout!

Start with 1200m at a Half Marathon Pace effort and then go straight into :30 of mountain climbers. Continue this pattern as you work through the distances. Take 1:30-3:00 of recovery in between intervals (try to stick closer to 1:30-2:00 if possible).

Once you get finish your last 400m; you’re ready for the final push to the summit! You start your summit push with 200m at Mile Pace effort, then go straight into :30 of mountain climbers. Without a rest break, finish the final 200m of your lap with an All-Out effort!

Enjoy the view from the top!

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