Track- Mt. Morrison

Climb to the summit of Mt. Morrison! Well, sort of. The intervals add up to 2,400 meters, which is about the elevation of Mt. Morrison. Mt. Morrison is a slow grind up to the top, but this will be a fast climb.

Start with 800m at a 10k pace effort and then go straight into :30 of mountain climbers. Continue this pattern as you work through the distances. Take 1:30-3:00 of recovery in between intervals (try to stick closer to 1:30-2:00 if possible).

Once you get finish your 400m, you’re ready for the final push to the summit! You start your summit push with 200m at Mile Pace effort, then go straight into :30 of mountain climbers. Without a rest break, finish the final 200m of your lap with an All-Out effort!

Enjoy the view from the top! Shoot for two summits unless you are throwing this into a larger workout.

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