Amicalola Falls

After the long flight from Denver to Atlanta and driving in our rental car for a few hours; we were ready to shake out our legs. I was nervous about running the Georgia Death Race the next day and was a little bit hesitant, but I really wanted to check out the waterfall with Elizabeth. As we reached the trailhead and gazed up at Amicalola Falls; I was suddenly excited about the race again. The falls were gorgeous and I started to feel like the Georgia Death Race was a good idea for the first time in quite a while. I joked with Elizabeth several times throughout the day about if it was too late to drop out from running the race.

In a way it was very strange to feel relieved or better about the race as we climbed the 606 stairs up to the top of the falls. It was crazy to think that the next time I hiked up the stairs I was going to almost be done with my 72 mile race! While the climb was steep, gaining over 650ft in a half mile or so; I gained a little bit of confidence that the stairs weren’t as tough as I expected. Well, that was what I told myself at the time anyway. Luckily, the final stairs proved to be a challenge I was ready for the next evening as I finished the Georgia Death Race as well.


Amicalola Falls

So Many Stairs

On Top

Sunset the night before the Georgia Death Race! Picture from the Amicalola Falls Lodge’s deck.

Post-Race Photos