Box Canyon Falls (Ouray, CO.)

As we were driving into Ouray, we saw the hollywood-style sign for Box Canon and decided to go check it out. We didn’t get a picture of this sign, but as I recall it was spelled Box Canon. Then the sign by the start of the trail read Box Canyon in one place and Box Cañon in another place on the same sign. There are a bunch of waterfalls surrounding Ouray actually, but this one is right out of town and is a very quick and fun visit. At the time of this posting it was a $5 fee for adults and $3 for children. You can also get to the falls by using the perimeter trail in Ouray.

As you’ll see in the pictures below, the trails around Box Canyon provide a great look at the town of Ouray as well. A town which apparently gave itself the nickname of “The Switzerland of America”! I tried to look for an explanation of the nickname and it basically just says that Ouray is surrounded by mountains and is a beautiful alpine town. I definitely agree that Ouray is a gorgeous town, but the nickname made us laugh and seemed a little silly. Perhaps this article in the Smithsonian about the history of Colorado tourism provides better insight: Smithsonian.

The Falls are tucked back in the canyon, so I think this video might be the best way to show the area.

Ahhh! This is part of the perimeter trail actually.

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