Stanley Mountain (12,521′)

The plan for today was to hike Mount Flora (13,146′) from the top of Berthoud Pass. I very briefly reviewed a trip report I found online, which described parking at the top of Berthoud Pass and then crossing the road to the trail up Mt. Flora. The trail up Mt. Flora goes right past Colorado Mines Peak which can be readily seen from the top of Berthoud Pass with its extensive radio towers. Well, we crossed the highway and started hiking up the other side today and didn’t really think about it. The route on either side of Berthoud Pass is part of the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) and is very well-defined, which allows your mind to freely wander. The result was an awesome hike with incredible 360 views and a great ridge jaunt over to the summit of Stanley Mountain.

An early view of Engelmann Peak (13,362′)
A view across at a ski lift at Winter Park/Mary Jane (which lift? I have no idea) with Longs Peak in the distance!
Engelmann Peak (13,362′) was omnipresent on the hike, so here is another photo of it.
Longs Peak (14,255′) in the distance was easy to pick out
Parry Peak (13,391′) and Mount Eva (13,130′)
Looking back at part of our early route…Mountain left to right: Parry Peak, Mount Eva, Mount Flora, & Colorado Mines Mountain
Longs Peak became lost in a sea of blue when I zoomed in, so I decided to edit filter this photo for definition.
There were brilliant blue skies for our hike…this picture is edited to exaggerate a bit, but it was beautiful up there!
Elizabeth looking back at our was very cool how easy it was to pick out the trails in the area.
Longs Peak towering over the ski area on the horizon
Archie was loving the fresh mountain air along with us!
I took a lot of pictures of Archie…this is one of the few where he actually looked toward the camera.
The Vasquez Peak Wilderness is a stunning area that we officially entered as we gained the ridge. Vasquez Peak (12,947′) beyond the sign to the left.
Enjoying the views with Elizabeth and Archie
Still a little bit of snow built up against the side of the ridge.
The few clouds in the sky cast interesting shadows upon Vasquez Peak
Left to right: Engelmann Peak (13,362′), Bard Peak (13,641′), & Mt. Parnassus (13,574′)
A zoomed-in look at Bard Peak and Mt. Parnassus.
Oh yeah, somewhere between soaking in the views, we arrived on the summit of Stanley Mountain! Here is a view from the summit. You should recognize Bard & Parnassus by now in the center. I believe that is Urad Lake (Reservoir) the red pyramid on the right side is aptly named Red Mountain.
Oops, looks like Archie and I forgot to smile for the summit shot.
Admiring our ridge route and the views from the summit
More Archie!
Caught Archie mid-lick, haha. Summit shot
Summit pano #1…Vasquez Peak to CDT
Summit pano #2…CDT with Engelmann, Bard, & Parnassus
Summit views looking over at Vasquez Peak (12,947′). The ridge travels travels past Spirit of 707 (12,707′) & Mount Bruplex (12,900′) as well.
I like this picture of Archie!
Elizabeth, Archie, and I on the summit
There were two other people on the summit which were playing around with “amateur radio talking to people from around the country.” Archie wasn’t quite ready for the photo.
Elizabeth on the summit
Matt (Me) on the summit!
Looking back at Stanley Mountain.
With darker clouds building, we felt good about our early start.
Great trail all day!
On our way down
On our way down
Another photo of Parry Peak (13,391′) and Mount Eva (13,130′)
Back into the trees
The parking lot on the other, other side of the highway.

What an awesome day!