Parry Peak Group: Parry-13,391′, Eva-13,130′, Flora-13,146′

Recently, I’ve really enjoyed multiple summit hikes so the Parry Peak Group jumped to the top of my list. There is something really satisfying and fun about checking on various summits and seeing how many summits you can bag in a day. Also, the top of Berthoud Pass is pretty quick and easy to get too. I just wanted to go hiking and this day trip didn’t take much planning. It was hazy from the fires, but it was a fun hike and I got to rack up several summits: Colorado Mines Peak (12,493′), Mount Flora (13,146′), Mount Eva (13,130′), and finally Parry Peak (13,391′). I didn’t want to push my luck and go for James Peak as well, so I’ll have to come back for that one another day.

I only took my iphone for this hike and didn’t take as many pictures as usual, but here are the best ones I took:

The trail starts just to the right of this sign.
The road on the way up wasn’t the most exciting, but I stayed on it longer to make sure I got to Colorado Mines Peak.
Mt. Parnassus (13,574′) across the wa
From the road on the way up…
From up near the Colorado Mines Peak summit…
A look back at CO Mines Peak; easy to pick out with all of its communication equipment.
Another look back at CO Mines Peak and the surrounding mountains
The ridge across to Mount Flora.
Mount Flora summit
Mount Flora Summit
Mount Flora Summit
Looking down the ridge from the Mount Flora summit.
Looking over at James Peak…
Well, I need to make my posts more timely because my memory is failing me a bit. I believe this shack is near the Mount Eva summit.
The final push to the Parry Peak summit!
Looking back at the other summits of the day.
Pretty hazy from the fires, but beautiful views.
Pano looking back down at US-40
Working my way back across the ridges.
I believe this is looking back at James Peak, but I lost track of all the summit several months later.
I tried to cut off some work by contouring around the hill on the way down.
My contouring didn’t really work though, so I had to climb up the steep slope anyway. I knew it was a long shot, but I was getting a little tired so I figured it was worth a try.
Pretty flowers as I worked on the way down. I skipped going back to CO Mines Peak.
A beautiful day! In reality, it was pretty hazy, but hey I’ll just edit out the haze for this picture!

Well, this admittedly isn’t my best post. I’m posting this near the end of September and the details of this end of June adventure are a bit sketchy. The navigation is very easy though and this is great spot to bag some low 13ers!