Run Rabbit Run 100: Part III- Celebration

I feel like I already wrote a lot about the race, so here are some extra pictures. Most of them are from the day after the race.

Fish Creek Falls:

So cold, so good.
My feet felt thoroughly destroyed, so a cold soak in the creek was perfect.
Fish Creek Falls is quite a sight at 280ft
Zoomed out
It is funny that I was too focused on running the race to stop and enjoy this view.
Elizabeth with Fish Creek Falls
Sandals were a necessity as my feet were too swollen for shoes.
A beautiful day for a celebration!
Relaxing by the creek
Trolling around
Walking the 1/4mile down to the bridge the next morning was a struggle, but was well worth it.

Fish Creek Falls (Remixed):

Miscellaneous Extra Photos:

Beers with Elizabeth and my shiny new belt buckle @ Storm Peak Brewing
Celebrating the next day was another of my favorite memories from the weekend. Storm Peak Brewery and then Butcherknife Brewing Company.
Pre-Race Photo…I was so young and naive about what I was in for the next day! (PC: Paul Nelson)
Sunset from the pre-race meeting the night before the race.
Bonus photo not used in my race reports…From the road on the final six miles.
On the way down toward the end of the race.
Trying to summon a smile
Buckled Up!