Quandary Peak (14,265′)

Quandary Peak is one of the better known and oft-traveled mountains in Colorado. In fact, we got the last spot in the lower parking lot right after turning onto 850. Despite the presence of early crowds on the trail, the hike up Quandary was a lot of fun. I hadn’t climbed Quandary in quite a few years, so I forgot how awesome it was! Also, this was Elizabeth’s first 14ers, which made the day very special and a lot of fun!

The hike up Quandary Peak provides incredible views the entire time.
One of my favorite pictures of the day. There were gorgeous views of North Star Mountain (13,614′) throughout our East ridge route.
Beautiful blue skies all day!
The rocky ridge to the top looks easy, but it is quite steep and is a lot of work.
The ridge goes on for quite a long time, but the views on the way go even longer.
A look down the ridge behind me.
North Star Mountain (13,614′) with 14ers behind (Lincoln, Bross, etc.)…with Blue Lakes.

Route finding up Quandary’s East ridge is very straightforward, so let’s jump to some of my favorite summit shots!

Elizabeth and I with 14ers (Decalibron) in the background!
1st 14er! Woohoo!
Resting our feet and enjoying the gorgeous day!
The summit was full of people, but our earlier start allowed us to find our own rock nook sheltered from the wind…not a bad view!
Summit pano
A look off the other side of the summit
Awesome 360 views! Grays and Torreys in the distance
A look back up at Blue Lakes on our way down!

GOAT BONUS: We saw a large group of mountain goats in the Blue Lakes parking lot up on the ridge, so we decided to go Goat Hunting after our hike. We were lucky to track down four goats!

Goat Abbey Road…sort of
We spotted four goats up on the hill and begged them to come closer. The goats agreed it was a good idea and crossed right in front of us! Thanks guys!
Crossing the little stream was no issue for these guys, but was fun to watch.
Coming down for more photos!
More posing
Just before running across the road
With a backdrop.

BONUS #2- Montgomery Reservoir:

Mount Silverheels (13,829′)
A short hike up the road from the upper lot…
As usual, I’m not exactly sure what we’re looking at here.
Montgomery Rez with Mt. Silverheels in the background.