The Windows- Arches N.P.

After visiting the Fiery Furnace, it was mid-afternoon and we decided that we wanted to save the three mile hike to Delicate Arch for another day. We bought the annual pass to the national parks, so we wouldn’t have to pay to come back another day. I’d have to review the specifics, but if you are planning on visiting national parks for more than three days a year, you should probably get the pass. So, we spent the afternoon driving around the park and decided to go on another short hike in the Windows section of the park!

Here are some of our favorite pictures from that section:

North & South Window

North Window

South Window

Turret Arch

Double Arch

It was getting late and we had hiked a lot of miles already, so here is a zoomed in look at Double Arch from the parking lot instead.

We spent a very full day in Arches National Park and didn’t come close to covering it all. By the end of the day we had a little bit of arch-fatigue, but we easily could’ve spent another full day in the park. We did return to the park the next night to hike Delicate Arch though too, so I believe we hit most of the highlights of the park! Lots of great options though, so you can’t go wrong.

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