Doll’s Head Trail (Atlanta, GA)

The Doll’s Head Trail is just a few miles outside of Atlanta, Ga at Constitution Lakes Park. Constitution Lake itself is pretty, but the really beauty is the oddball art along the Doll’s Head Trail. The trail is at the site of the once abandoned South River Brick Company, which explains all the clay shards and bricks. And yes, there are many doll heads. There is also a lot of other assorted junk, which has been made into art; or “art” depending on your perspective. It the kind of place that make you laugh and exclaim, “Why the hell does this place exist?” At the same time it is a fun walk and it makes me happy that it exists!

All of the art along the trail is supposed to be composed of trash and things found around the trail according to the rules and design. I fear this may not be exclusively be the case, but it still has the feel that it does if nothing else. I would explain it more, but I’ll let you interpret the pictures instead.