Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships 2018

This was the first year I went to the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture, which celebrated its 28th year. It was sort of odd that this event wasn’t even on my radar given I’ve lived in Colorado for most of those 28 years. I really enjoyed checking out the snow sculptures though and I was happy to get the chance to check it out. Breckenridge is a pretty cool town to hang out in for the day too.

Here is some background on the competition:

Well, here are my pictures of the snow sculptures from this year!

GOLD MEDAL WINNER- “The Secret” from Team Mongolia Erdene

SILVER MEDAL WINNER- “The Thinker” from Team China

BRONZE MEDAL WINNER- “Dance Divine” from Team Wisconsin. 

Team India

Team Breckenridge

Team Mongolia Tserendash

Team Italy


Team Estonia

Team Argentina

Team Turkey?

Team Oregon

Team Colorado

Not sure what team?

Team Switzerland

Team Toyota