This workout challenges you to push yourself during short intervals (200m) in between either 10k or 5k effort paces. The short intervals are supposed to be tough, so just stick with it!

Start the 10k Set by running 200m @ Mile effort pace, then rest for :45secs. Next, you will start with a 800m interval @ 10k effort pace, followed by a 2:00 rest. Now, you’re back to your 200m @ Mile interval. Follow this pattern and the order in the graphic above. It is easy to get confused doing this workout, so remember that all 200m intervals are at Mile effort pace.

Nice work on the 10k set, take a break for a few minutes! Ok good, now you’re ready for the 5k set. A few things are different here…first, you will start this set with the longer interval! Second, the rest periods are flipped; so, you only get :45secs after each longer interval before finishing strong with a 200m interval @ Mile effort pace. After each 200m interval, enjoy a 2:00 rest before progressing to the next longer interval.

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