Well, I couldn’t really think of a good name for this one; so, we’ll call it 148. We used this workout on a bad weather day, so we could focus on running with less instructions to follow. Sometimes it is hard to get out the door on a day with poor weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great workout in!

Just in case the graphic doesn’t make it clear: Start with 1 mile @ 10k pace effort > Recover for 3:00 > 400m @ Mile pace effort > Recover for 3:00 > 800m @ 5k pace effort…This is the end of set #1. After a recover of approximately 3:00, start Set #2 with the 1 mile @ 10k pace effort interval and repeat Set #1.

Please note, as always, that the recovery times are merely guidelines and you may not require the full three minutes between each interval. Also, remember that there is a difference between active recovery (where you work into a light jog/run) and pure recovery (where you are walking or taking a water break). I generally push for active recovery more, but either form of recovery is fine for this workout. Active recovery is something you should practice and remain aware of in speedwork, but is not a primary focus of this workout.

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