Hills Guide

Why Hills?

  • Increase power
  • Strength building and muscle recruitment
  • Improvement of form
  • Increase in aerobic capacity
  • Up your mental game


Here are some quick tops for running hill repeats and hills in general. A lot of the tips are discussed in the videos below as well.

  • Stay Tall (hip underneath shoulder)
  • Lean slightly at ankles, NOT the waist
  • Don’t overstride/Keep Cadence Up
  • Loose arm swing
  • 5% grade is ideal for sprints
  • 1:3 or 1:2 Recovery Ratio

Long Hills

  • Focus is on aerobic energy recruitment rather than speed or power
  • Perceived exertion 6-8 on scale of 1-10
  • Heart Rate Training Zone 4
  • If you have absolutely nothing left at the end of a long hill, you are likely running it too fast (even for training).
  • Focus on efficient elbow swing, quick feet, and high knees

Short Hills

  • Focus on power and anaerobic energy recruitment
  • Perceived exertion 8-10 on scale of 1-10 (almost all out)
  • Faster than race pace goal