Race Finder

Looking for a Race to Run?

I know you can do a Google search with the best of ’em, but here are some of my favorite sites to use when looking for races to run.

All Distances:

This site is my go-to source to find races! It includes races of all distances and you can search by State or Region as well. Also, you can filter by Trail vs. Road, which is awesome.

Honestly, I’ve never used this site. It seems to have a pretty reasonable list though, so check it out.

Good list of Colorado Races, including some smaller races.

Full Marathons:

Great search tool to find marathons in the US, Canada, and Internationally. Includes users reviews as well.

If you’re looking for a fast course to qualify for Boston, you may find this site interesting. I find the search to be a little finicky, but not a bad site.


My go-to starting point is still https://runningintheusa.com/, but here are some other good ones!

Most (or at least a huge number) of Ultras use this website to manage race registrations. The search tool is pretty good too.

Here is another pretty good listing. I don’t use this one often, but seems pretty good.

Have another favorite race search site? Please let me know!